Satuday,May 21

Hi guys! I'm from New York city.I'm holiday in the New York city.I going in the Centrel park.First I played a football game in the park with my parents.I see a Liberty statue I Love the statue.My mom and dad was sad because the World Trad center is collapse.New York is my favourite plases! Tomorror is Sunday no big plans.

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A day of disasters!

In the morning I fell asleep on the subway and missed my stop.So I was late I for school.Later,when I was coming home I lost my subway ticked and I had to walk ten blocks.So I'm tired and mom is angry.Now I'm going to listed to some music and everything will be ok again!

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A happy day!

Today was just a guiet Sunday at home.My friends Saskia and Nico came by.So we sat on the stoop and just chilled.That's us in the photo.Then mom brouht some food and we had a barbeceu on the stoop.Some neihbors came by too.We chatted listened to some music -is was cool! Ilove our hood and I love our stoop.

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A great day!

Hi! I'm from Brooklyn.Manhatten is nice,but Brooklyn is the best part of New York City.We have everything here-great neighborhoods we say hoods,with cool music,great food,and great places to go (check out the Beach at coney Island).If you asked me which is the best places in the worid.I'd say Brooklyn.This is my first Brooklyn blog,so please leave your comments,like about where you live.Is it as cool as Brooklyn?

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Tomorrow is Sunday no big plans.In the evening I went with Jareez and his parents to see my favorite basketball team.Befor I played game in the park with my team.As Mom me cheered I embarrassing!We won and the coach I played well.TODAY WAS CRAZY!

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